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Auto Care Services
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Oil Changes
All oil changes include a basic car wash and 17 point inspection.
Up to 5 quarts of oil. Standard oil filter prices may vary on some vehicles. EPA #350245 - BAR #263358
Oil Changes Starting at
Valvoline Conventional
Up to 5 quarts for all
Valvoline Synthetic Blend $59.99*
Valvoline MaxLife Full Synthetic $79.99*
Valvoline Premium Blue 15W40 $89.99
Mobil 1 Full Synthetic $99.99
Valvoline Diesel Conventional $99.99
Valvoline Diesel Full Synthetic
Up to 5 quarts for all
System Fluids
System Fluids Starting at
Transmission Power Flush $149.99
Coolant Flush $99.99
Power Steering Flush $69.99
Brake Fluid Exchange $69.99
Differential Fluid Replacement
Includes premium axle oil
Transfer Case Fluid Replacement $79.99
Other Auto Services
*Most cars
We have knowledge, equipment and the expertise to perform all manufactured recommended scheduled maintenance at 30k, 60k, 120k, etc. Visit us to get these services and save big compared to the dealership.
Environmental fees $4.99
Other Services Price
Fuel Filter $79.99
Brakes per Axle $249
Wiper Blade Replacement Each $14.99*
Fuel System & Injector Cleaning $120.00
Fuel Treatment $14.99
Tune-Up (Spark Plug Replacement) $149.99*
Air Filter $25.99
Cabin Air Filter $25.99
Serpentine Belt Replacement $89.99
A/C Service $129.99
Battery Replacement Labor $14.99
Tire Rotation $24.99*
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Pool Draining

Only experienced pool professionals should undertake pool draining.

from $125.00
Drain & Clean

Our green pool cleanup will completely remove all traces of algae.

from $500.00
Drain & Acid Wash

Includes pool drain, cleaning, and acid bath of swimming pool.

Filter Cleaning

Includes breaking down filter system, cleaning filter cartridges

One Time Cleaning

Includes FILTER CLEANING above. Any filter parts are additional.

Drain & Clean With Spa

Our green pool cleanup will completely remove all traces of algae.



  • Up to 5 quarts of new oil
  • New oil filter (premium extra)
  • Lubricate chassis
  • Under chassis visual inspection
  • Under hood visual inspection
  • Reset oil change light*

Check & Fill *

  • Power steering fluid
  • Radiator fluid
  • Tire pressure
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Washer fluid

Check *

  • Air filter
  • Battery
  • Brake fluid (for your safety, we do not top-up brake fluid)
  • Cabin air filter
  • Lights
  • Serpentine belt
  • Wipers

* Applies only to …………..